We believe in taking responsibility for our own waste, which is why we developed Bio24.

Bio24 is a table-to-farm solution that turns disposable dining foodware and food waste into compost. Enabling this is our proprietary plant-based material NEUTRIA® and digestor which turns NEUTRIA® into farm-ready compost in just 24hrs.

Our team is made up of thought leaders, award winning innovators, and industry veterans with decades of experience in material science, technology development and innovation.

Ng Pei Kang

Pei Kang came from the consumer electronics sector and has a background in R&D, innovation and technology management. He believes that innovation is the key to drive sustainability, where it creates the much-needed interest to drive adoption. Pei Kang had won multiple awards for his innovations and is a honouree of Tatler’s Gen-T and Eco-business’s A-list for Sustainability Leadership.

Seeram Ramakrishna PhD. FREng.
 Scientific Advisor

Professor Seeram is a well-respected researcher for his thought leadership in Circularity & Sustainability, as well as expertise in material-science and engineering. He is named among the World’s Most Influential Minds by Thomson Reuters, and the Top 1% Highly Cited Researchers in Materials Science and Cross-Field by Clarivate Analytics for consecutive ten years. He is a Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and had held multiple appointments including the VP of Research Strategy and Dean of Faculty of Engineering.

Lim Chon Phung PhD.

Dr Lim is an IT industry veteran with more than three decades of experience having served as a Senior VP at Oracle and VP at Hewlett-Packard. He retired from the corporate world in 2015 to spend time on initiatives that make a difference to individuals and society. Dr Lim is currently a Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Singapore Management University. He is also a partner in a private angel investment group and an adviser and board member to several start-ups in the region.

Virginia Cha PhD.

Professor Cha is a leading educator of Innovation & Entrepreneurship with multiple appointments at Singapore’s leading tertiary institutions such as INSEAD and NUS Business School. She is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple venture-funded, hi-tech companies in Singapore and China, with listings on NASDAQ and HKSE. Today she is an active researcher, mentor and angel investor in Singapore’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

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Lets go zero waste

Singapore is going zero waste!

If you partner with us, your packaging will be temporarily swapped out with our biodegradables, and we’ll collect the food and packaging waste at the end of each day. We’ll then put it into our bio-digestor which will convert it all into nutrient-enriched, organic compost within a mere 24 hours.

Getting on board is as easy as one, two, three!

✓ Certified zero waste
✓ No change in operations
✓ No renovation (No CAPEX)
✓ From types of 2 wastes to 1: Foodware + Food Waste

Step One

Choose from our range of compostable packaging options and swap out your current packaging.

Step Two

Customers simply dispose of food waste and NEUTRIA foodware into our brown bins. No separation of your food waste and packaging waste needed!

Step Three

We arrange collection and transport the waste to our digestor plant

Zero waste is a growing focus in the media.

We will document the process and share it with all our participating F&Bs and the press. We are happy to work with your PR team regarding promotions surrounding the trial.


We're helping these companies move towards zero waste

Moving ahead of the competition, our partners ….
First-mover, staying ahead of the game..
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Take your pick from our wide range of zero waste packaging

We have a wide range of solutions for hot and cold food and drinks. The packaging is durable and functional, made from organic plant materials that decompose rapidly in our Bio24 digestor.

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TRIA is an award-winning, sustainable and innovative foodware company.

At TRIA, we take an end-to-end approach in empowering our clients, from concept, development to manufacture, as well as lifecycle carbon assessments, to help them reach their sustainability goals. Our efforts has won accolades such as the Emerging Enterprise Award, Pentaward, ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design Award and Singapore Packaging Star Awards.

"I’ve worked with several sustainable food packaging company... but to be honest, this is the first time I see TRIA with a very innovative solution that does not require the separation of waste.”

— Mr Ted Tan, Deputy CEO, Enterprise Singapore, Industry Clusters, 13 Nov 2019

The Problem

We're in a plastic-induced crisis.

In the past months, one after another, major cities have declared war on single-use plastics. These regulations pose a huge challenge for many industry F&B brands and they are anxious for a solution.

metric tons of plastic waste will be displaced by 2030

of all plastic waste ever generated is recycled

tonnes of food wasted globally each year

The stats are shocking, but there is hope.

Meet Bio24

A closed-loop solution for single-use foodware and food waste.

Bio24 is an elegant way to recycle single-use foodware and food waste. It comprises three parts: NEUTRIA® foodware, Bio24 digestion, and compost enrichment. Our Bio24 digestor takes single use foodware and foodwaste (no separation needed) and converts it into compost within 24 hours.

Case Studies

The Innovation Difference

We listen, not just to client’s sustainability needs but also any other pain points they may have. And this means to immerse ourselves in their shoes with a mindset to design a long-term solution. Check out some of our case studies.

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Award-winning sustainable innovation

At TRIA, we adopt a 360° mindset to ensure sustainability in our packaging. We believe that Design for Sustainability is a system mindset, one that integrates beauty, convenience and value, rather than just green material replacements. This is what we consider the heart-factor, which is what ensures sustainability in adoption.

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Creative Corporation


Addressing the global plastic waste crisis

The ocean has become an enormous dump for our plastics. Microplastics are finding its way into our food and our current landfill/ incineration solution is not sustainable. What are we doing about it?


million tonnes of

are thrown away yearly. These mostly end up in landfills.



of food waste is

by the average person living in a city



of disposable foodware waste

is generated by the average person living in a city

Despite demand, recycling sustainably remains difficult.

Meet Bio24

Bio24 is an elegant way to recycle single-use foodware and food waste. It comprises three parts: NEUTRIA foodware, Bio24 digestion, and compost enrichment.

24hrs, From Table to Farm

Bio24 is an industry partnered programme that ensures the waste from single-use foodware and food waste gets renewed, from table to farm. This way, consumers can continue to enjoy the conveniences of single-use foodware and F&Bs achieves zero-waste without costly operational changes.

The Bio24 Process

Neutria Foodware

NEUTRIA® material is a bioactive polyester derived from plant based sources. It breaks down rapidly upon deactivation in the Bio24 digestor. Sturdy and durable with no compromise in functionality, it’s easy to go green with NEUTRIA.

  • ✓ Wide range of packaging solutions for hot and cold food and drinks
  • ✓ Durable and functional
  • ✓ Made from organic plant materials that decompose rapidly in our Bio24 digestor

Bio24 Digestion

The Bio24 digestor comprises a catalytic degradation process which significantly reduces the composting time of the NEUTRIA® material – chemical free. Coupled with natural enzyme action, the NEUTRIA® material is reduced to compost in just 24hrs.

Compost Enrichment

After 24 hours in the digestor, foodware and food waste turns into nutrient-enriched, organic compost ready to pack and send to farms.

TRIA x The Soup Spoon

We recently partnered with Soup Spoon to take on their food waste and convert it into compost through our digestor. Take a look at the video below to see how it works!

“For us, to take it to the next level is to look at building a much bigger ecosystem.”

— Mr Andrew Chan. Owner and Managing Director of The Soup Spoon Pte Ltd