Shanaya collaborates with TRIA

Shanaya collaborates with TRIA

TRIA and Shanaya, a listed (SGX) recycling and environmental services company joins hands to tackle the recycling of foodservice waste.

Under this agreement, TRIA will provide the digestion technologies including installing an aerobic digester at Shanaya Environmental’s premises. Shanaya Environmental will provide collection services for the food waste and biodegradable packaging waste, and operate the digester under the agreement where TRIA will take back the organic fertilizer for further valorisation processing.

The success of this agreement will be a precursor towards a long-term exclusive partnership between TRIA and Shanaya Environmental in organic food waste recycling in Singapore. Stay tune for more!

Edwin Seah (Sustainability leader joins TRIA's Board of Advisors)

With experience across the region in sustainability, packaging, policy and strategic communications, his knowledge and insights will help TRIA’s growth and market access

“Beyond just producing sustainable packaging for food, TRIA developed a complete circular solution to address the problem of single use plastics, packaging waste, and marine litter.”

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