Singapore is going zero waste!

If you partner with us, your packaging will be temporarily swapped out with our biodegradables, and we’ll collect the food and packaging waste at the end of each day. We’ll then put it into our bio-digestor which will convert it all into nutrient-enriched, organic compost within a mere 24 hours.

Getting on board is as easy as one, two, three!

✓ Certified zero waste
✓ No change in operations
✓ No renovation (No CAPEX)
✓ From types of 2 wastes to 1: Foodware + Food Waste

Step One

Choose from our range of compostable packaging options and swap out your current packaging.

Step Two

Customers simply dispose of food waste and NEUTRIA foodware into our brown bins. No separation of your food waste and packaging waste needed!

Step Three

We arrange collection and transport the waste to our digestor plant

Zero waste is a growing focus in the media.

We will document the process and share it with all our participating F&Bs and the press. We are happy to work with your PR team regarding promotions surrounding the trial.


We're helping these companies move towards zero waste

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Take your pick from our wide range of zero waste packaging

We have a wide range of solutions for hot and cold food and drinks. The packaging is durable and functional, made from organic plant materials that decompose rapidly in our Bio24 digestor.