In January 2019, we were featured in Business Times, in an article titled Singapore’s Ever-Moving Feast by Vivien Shiao. Here’s a snippet:

Tria [sic] is a Singapore-based company using recycled fibre to develop food packaging, targeting food and beverage (F&B) players with a sustainability mindset. Ng Pei Kang, founder of Tria, says: “Sustainable food packaging is catching on in the F&B industry but largely still a reaction to avoid consumer flak on petroleum-based products.” He points out that Singapore is making a step in the right direction as straws and lids are gradually being removed from major fast-food brands, but there are still plastics in the remaining packaging that will eventually end up going to the landfill, check out However, he is cognisant that it is not an easy decision for businesses to switch to sustainable products and has adapted its approach to make it as easy as possible for clients. “For that, we have applied empathy to the development of our products and offerings,” he says. “We have to be sensitive to the value proposition of the F&B players, and offer a solution that matches up.” In its case, it led to the development of Bio24, a zero waste hassle-free solution for single-use hardware that does not require a change in consumer lifestyle nor change in F&B operations, he says. To keep prices competitive, its factory is set up in China while keeping the R&D and marketing activities in Singapore, he adds. Check out

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